Alaska’s Untamed Frontier Awaits…

Tackle it with Argo’s Top Features!

Alaska’s Untamed Frontier Awaits...
Argo Features and Highlights

Get More Horsepower

Aurora-850 Series = 33hp

Aurora-950 Series = 40hp

Argo introduces more horsepower with the air-cooled Briggs & Stratton OHV high performance, 4-stroke big block twin cylinder engines, with low vibration and a quiet muffler. These engines also deliver the highest torque ever available in an Argo XTV.

No longer are detours the bane of your exploration; that fallen log becomes a mere speed bump, and that impassable swamp, a playful mud bath. Argo’s extra muscle lets you pack all the gear you need for extended expeditions, venturing deeper into the wild where the real treasures lie. Confidence becomes your co-pilot, knowing you can tackle any obstacle with a surge of horsepower beneath your wheels.

All Seasons Argo and Equipment. More Power.

Skid Steering Jerkiness Gone with APS

Ergonomic Finger Throttle Control

Wider Range of Steering Motion

By adding a spring element between the handlebars and the brake system, Argo achieved a progressive dual-rate steering system. Steering is now effortless, with an increase of 4x wider range of steering motion, plus ergonomic finger throttle control, now offers the smoothest turns in an Argo XTV.

Navigate tight tree lines with the nimbleness of a mountain goat, and say goodbye to tight turns that leave you feeling like a pretzel. Argo’s enhanced maneuverability lets you dance around obstacles with ease.

All Seasons Argo and Equipment. More Control

Revolutionary Wheel Solutions

30% Stronger Axles for Added Durability of the Argo

Offset Rims are reversible, allowing wheels to fit closer, or extend out to eliminate the need for axle extensions with tracks.

Aurora & Conquest Series:

Offset Dual Beadlock Rims increase vehicle suspension, resulting in a smoother ride in challenging conditions. Beadlock allows for driving with tire pressure as low as 1 PSI. (Offered in aluminum or steel. Image shown in aluminum.)

The Beadlock Rim ride benefits include:

  • Reduced shock-load to the Argo in rough terrain
  • Optimum speed over rough terrain
  • Safe operation even with a fully deflated tire, reducing field swaps
  • Reduced driver fatigue
All Seasons Argo and Equipment. More Comfort
All Seasons Argo and Equipment. No Limits on Your Adventures
All Seasons Argo and Equipment. No Limits on Your Adventures