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8×8 HD Models
Automotive style hot coolant heater with 2 speed fan to defrost windshield and heat passenger compartment for use in 8×8 HD models. Requires alternator kit.

Accessory# 848-170
• 8×8 700 HD
• 8×8 700 HD EU
• 8×8 750 HDi
• 8×8 750 HDi SE

8×8 XT Models
Driver and passenger heater option, comes with complete 2 defrost vents and 2 side vents.

Accessory# 958-156
• 8×8 XTD

Accessory# 958-129
• 8×8 XTI

8×8 Centaur
Cab Heater. The Centaur can be fitted with a 17000 BTU cab heater, featuring a 3-speed dual fan motor to provide operator comfort in the harshest cold weather conditions

Accessory# 848-110

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